AOS TV Not Working? Here Is The Fix For It

Errors are the “part and parcel” of any mobile app due to various influencing factors such as Geo, Service Provider, OS Version, Update, Compatibility, etc. If you have come to this article because AOS TV Not Working on your phone, you may now check out the tips shared below to fix it.

Different Type of Errors that the users are getting are as follows.

  1. Stopped Working
  2. Keeps Crashing
  3. Updating Database Please Wait

If you have come across any such problems on your android phone, firestick or pc, follow the instructions shared for you.

How To Fix AOS TV Errors & Problems

Reasons could be different from a device to device and a person to person. Believe me, people will get issues based on their geographical location as well.

But don’t worry, they can be fixed if you can follow the right guidelines. Let us first check out the simple tweaks which can fix aos tv not working issue without much efforts.

  1. Use a VPN and try using the application again.
  2. Update AOS TV App on your device.
  3. Use Older version of aos app on old android phones to see if it works or not.

So, those are the first things that you need to try. In case if AOS TV Stopped Working even after trying those solutions, here is a what you exactly need to follow.

Fix AOS TV Updating Database Please Wait

If you are getting the error with the apps’s content, you are suggested to try out the aos tv latest version on your phone.

aos tv updating database please wait

One of the major reasons for this error is that the application is having an update to it’s contents which is not actually taking place with the current version that you are using.

Download AOS TV New Version

So, give a try with the aos tv new version that you can download above. You may check out the simple tips shared below to update the current version of the application on your device to the new version.

  • Uninstall the current version from your phone and download the latest version from above and install it again by going through the guide to install aos tv apk on android.
  • In-App Update will replace the current version with the latest version on your phone or firestick. To do that, you may open the app and look for the update notification in the application and tap “Update” if found.

If you are getting this issue because of the latest version, then you have to try and test the old version.

Fix AOS TV Keeps Crashing on Android, Firestick, PC & iOS

Crashing issue could be due to incompatible operating system or if there are any cache related issues. In such cases, you have two simple solutions to try out right now.

aos tv keeps crashing cache
  • Unlock your phone and go to “All Apps” and look for the aos tv app.
  • Tap and hold on the app’s icon to get the options.
  • Tap “App Info” to get the window what we have shown in the picture above and labelled as Step 1.
  • Choose “Storage & Cache” option to go into the app settings.
  • Tap “Clear Cache” to remove the app cache from your phone.
  • Now tap “Clear Storage” option to clear the app data which is different from cache. You may refer to step 3 in the picture above.
  • Tap “OK” whenever you see a notification to delete app date? as you can seen in the step 4.
So, you can try these instructions if aos tv stopped working on any of your devices such as android, iPhone. The instructions are same for firestick and pc as well but the interface of the settings will be different. Check out the detailed guide to Clear Cache of AOS TV on Firestick.

Just in case if you have any other issue which is not allowing you to watch the contents of the application, comment below and get response from one of our editors.


So, the issues mentioned in the article above are the most common problems. Somtimes, you will be getting some connectivity issues and loading errors due to very high server traffic. Try to access the app and it’s contents after sometime in such cases.

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